ACTRA Toronto Co-op Guidelines

Module 1 Module 1 - ACTRA Toronto Co-op Guidelines Course Introduction
Unit 1 Co-op Guidelines: Course Navigation  
Unit 2 Co-op Guidelines: Saving Your Progress and Modules  
Unit 3 Co-op Guidelines Course Troubleshooting/Contacting ACTRA Toronto  
Unit 4 Co-op Guidelines Welcome  
Module 2 Co-op Guidelines Overview
Unit 1 What are the ACTRA Toronto Co-op Guidelines?  
Unit 2 What is an ACTRA Toronto Co-op?  
Unit 3 What is not an ACTRA Toronto Co-op?  
Unit 4 Where do we start?  
Unit 5 Co-op Guidelines Overview Quiz  
Unit 6 Guidelines Overview Conclusion  
Module 3 The Guidelines Package
Unit 1 Getting Started  
Unit 2 The Guidelines  
Unit 3 The Guidelines cont...  
Unit 4 Who is included in the co-operative?  
Unit 5 Who is not included in the co-operative?  
Unit 6 Guidelines Package Quiz  
Unit 7 Guidelines Package Conclusion  
Module 4 Creating Your Co-op Application
Unit 1 Creating your Application  
Unit 2 Cover Letter  
Unit 3 Application Form  
Unit 4 Script, Shooting, Schedule, Cast List  
Unit 5 Ownership Agreement  
Unit 6 License Agreement  
Unit 7 Covid19 Safety Protocols  
Unit 8 Production Information for Content Creators  
Unit 9 Important Reminder  
Unit 10 Creating Your Co-op Application Quiz  
Unit 11 Creating Your Application Conclusion  
Module 5 Co-op Guidelines Course Conclusion
Unit 1 Course Quiz  
Unit 2 Co-op Guidelines Course Conclusion  
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