Unconscious Bias

This session is an introduction to what bias is and how it impacts efforts towards creating equity. Challenging unconscious bias will enhance your craft as an artist.

Module 1 Unconscious Bias - Introduction
Unit 1 Unconscious Bias - Course Navigation  
Unit 2 Unconscious Bias - Saving your Progress and Modules  
Unit 3 Unconscious Bias - Troubleshooting/Contacting ACTRA Toronto  
Unit 4 Unconscious Bias - Welcome  
Module 2 Unconscious Bias - Definitions / explanations of concepts
Unit 1 What is Bias?  
Unit 2 Why do Biases happen in the first place?  
Unit 3 Equity  
Unit 4 Equity (cont...)  
Unit 5 Tokenism  
Unit 6 Neuroplasticity  
Unit 7 Neuroplasticity (cont...)  
Unit 8 Neuroplasticity and Challenging Unconscious Bias  
Module 3 Unconscious Bias - Varieties of Bias
Unit 1 Confirmation Bias  
Unit 2 Anchor Bias  
Unit 3 Status Quo Bias  
Unit 4 Availability Bias  
Unit 5 Affinity Bias  
Unit 6 Conformity Bias  
Module 4 Unconscious Bias - Is this Unconscious Bias?
Unit 1 Example: Lola  
Unit 2 Lola Explanation  
Unit 3 Example: Alex  
Unit 4 Alex Explanation  
Module 5 Unconscious Bias - How to combat Unconscious Bias
Unit 1 Challenge your assumptions  
Unit 2 Beware of confirmation bias and availability bias  
Unit 3 Self Reflection  
Unit 4 Treat each person as an individual  
Unit 5 More Insights  
Module 6 Unconscious Bias - Conclusion
Unit 1 Questions for Reflection  
Unit 2 Key References  
Unit 3 Congratulations!  
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