Orientation Courses

ACTRA Toronto has different categories of membership. Our Orientation courses introduce you to those categories and provide information on the benefits and responsibilities of each. Our current courses are AABP, Apprentice and Full Member AFBS sessions. With more to come.


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AABP Orientation

  • This session is required for all new ACTRA Additional Background Performers (AABP). It provides an introduction to ACTRA and useful information to help AABP members become more involved and active in the business and in the work of the union

Apprentice Orientation

  • The Online Apprentice Orientation provides information about the union and is required for all new Apprentice members. Topics include: your rights on set; your obligations as a member; pay, benefits, and the paperwork; and who’s who at ACTRA.

Full Member AFBS Orientation

  • Designed for ACTRA Toronto new Full Members, this course will cover the basics of the Actra Fraternal Benefits Society (AFBS) so you can take full advantage of your AFBS health and retirement savings plans.