Member Handbook – 7 – Governance


Constitution and By-Laws

ACTRA is governed by the ACTRA National Constitution and ACTRA National By-Laws. The Toronto branch also has its own ACTRA Toronto By-Laws. These rules and procedures determine how members, Council and Councillors should comport themselves. Democracy and member rule are the guiding principles.


ACTRA Toronto is a democratic union run by working actors who make up our Council. They make the decisions and policies which staff implements.

Council is comprised of 24 elected full ACTRA members. They serve for a two-year term. Councillors volunteer their time for modest honoraria. Council meets monthly and Council meeting minutes are posted on our website.

The executive officers of ACTRA Toronto Council consist of: the President; the immediate Past President; the Treasurer; up to five other officers and the Executive Director, who is an officer of ACTRA Toronto Council with voice but no vote. The officers of ACTRA Toronto Council are commonly referred to collectively as the ACTRA Toronto Executive Committee.

Get Involved

There are many ways you can participate, the most important of which is voting in Council elections, agreement ratifications and referenda.

Any full member in good standing may run in a Council election.


ACTRA Toronto has several committees you might be interested to join: ACTRA Additional Background Caucus, Act Your Age (senior performers), Apprentice Caucus, Awards Committee, Child Performers, Conference Committee, Diversity Committee, Finance Committee, Full Member Background Committee, Parade Committee, Stunt Committee, The Toronto ACTRA Women’s Committee, Voice Committee and the Young Emerging Actors’ Assembly (for those who play 17-30).

Serving on a Committee is rewarding and helps you connect with other members.


ACTRA Toronto takes part in two important city parades: The Labour Day Parade and the Pride Parade. The Labour Day Parade takes place annually on the first Monday of  September. We participate in the walk with other unions and have been recognized in the past as the parade’s “most spirited” participants.

ACTRA Toronto revels in the annual June Pride Parade in solidarity with our many LGBTQ+ members who are represented by ACTRA Toronto's outACTRAto Committee.

Maintaining Your Membership

April is an important month to watch for the notice that your annual dues are payable. Falling behind on your dues could result in suspension from the membership and require you to start the joining process all over again. Don’t let forgetfulness put your hard-earned membership at risk.
Apprentices are sent renewal notices on the anniversary date of their joining.

When you move, change agents, phone number or email address, email with the details. And remember to notify AFBS of changes to your contact information too.