Member Handbook – 3 – What ACTRA does for you.


Bargaining the contracts

Bargaining is the primary service ACTRA provides to its members, setting minimum fees and reasonable working conditions under every agreement.

ACTRA has several agreements you might work under: The Independent Production Agreement (IPA), The National Commercial Agreement (NCA), CityTV, CBC Radio, CBC TV, CTV, TVO, Zoomer, the Audio Code, the BC Master Production Agreement, NFB, the Toronto Indie Production Agreement (TiP), and Ubisoft.

With the exception of the the Audio Code, which is a promulgated agreement, the terms of all these agreements are subject to periodic negotiation with the employer or associations of employers.

Legislative Advocacy

Many of the policies which affect how much work comes to our province are decided by government. Educating elected politicians about how our industry works best is an important part of ACTRA’s work. Monitoring legislative and regulatory decisions, lobbying government, public campaigns, participating in audio-visual industry coalitions, and promoting positive relations with allies and the public has made Ontario a stable and reliable location for domestic and foreign producers. It has also made Toronto the third busiest production centre in North America!

Anti-Harassment, Equality and Inclusion Policies

Discrimination and harassment weaken our solidarity, reducing our capacity to work together on shared concerns, such as decent wages, safe working conditions, and justice for all.

ACTRA Toronto is a harassment-free zone where our members’ dignity and equality are respected. ACTRA Toronto policies prohibit discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender, gender-identity, sexual orientation, race, disability, age, class, religion, language, ethnic origin or family status.

ACTRA Toronto has an accessible customer service plan in place to serve its members with disabilities.