Member Handbook – 2 – How to Join


There are four ways to join ACTRA.

  1. Land a qualifying role in an ACTRA production and join as an Apprentice.
  2. If you are a member of another performer union such as Equity or SAG-AFTRA and you land a qualifying role in an ACTRA production, you can join ACTRA as a full member. Members of Equity may join in this manner for a reduced initiation fee.
  3. You can join the ACTRA Additional Background Performer program after you have worked as a background performer for 15 days on any ACTRA set within the preceding 12-month period. 1600 BG hours as an AABP member may be used as a first “credit” to join the Apprentice program.
  4. Recent graduates of an approved performance program may join the Apprentice program within 60 days of graduation.

I Work ACTRA pledge

On the back of the ACTRA membership card, ACTRA members sign on to the following pledge:

I Work ACTRA. As an ACTRA member, I stand in solidarity with my fellow members to advance the principles and objectives of my union. I will defend the pay, benefits and working conditions of all ACTRA members. I will only work under ACTRA agreements, with ACTRA members or permittees and for ACTRA-adhered engagers who have not been declared unfair.

No ACTRA member may work on a non-union project.

ACTRA members must work on an ACTRA contract whether in Canada or outside of Canada.