Member Handbook – 5 – When you need help…


Creative Arts Financial

Creative Arts Financial (CAF) is a cooperatively run banking institution serving the entertainment industry.

The credit union is a community of your peers in the creative arts, managed and staffed by financial service professionals. As a cooperative organization, a credit union thinks about you differently than a bank does.

Creative Arts Financial (CAF) understands the entertainment industry and the people in it and offers its members a full-service lineup, competitive rates and true family feeling. At Creative Arts Financial, identifying yourself as a professional working in the entertainment industry is the beginning of a financial conversation, not the end.


The AFC provides emergency financial aid to assist cultural workers in recovering from an illness, injury or other circumstances causing severe economic and personal hardship.

The AFC is the lifeline for Canada’s entertainment industry. Over 10,000 professional members of the industry from all over Canada and in the fields of film & TV, theatre, music and dance have been helped by the AFC.

Talent Agent Code of Conduct

ACTRA Toronto has an Agents Directory available on our website. Only agencies which have joined the Entertainment Industry Coalition (EIC) and have signed the Code of Ethical Conduct are listed on the Directory.

ACTRA does not endorse or recommend talent agencies. When looking for a reputable agency, start with the Agents Directory but ask your peers for a recommendation.


All ACTRA Toronto productions must have workplace accident insurance in place to cover you, in the event that you are injured on set. The Accident on Set plan, administered by AFBS, is currently the most widely used such plan.

Actors are not expected to perform their own stunts. ACTRA’s Stunt Coordinators are second to none and safely coordinate all stunts on ACTRA sets. All stunts are performed by qualified Stunt Performers.

ACTRA has negotiated provisions to protect performers from unsafe working conditions in all our contracts. Additionally, we participate together with producers and other audio-visual unions in a Ministry of Labour Section 21 Committee to address general industry safety concerns.

Counselling Services

AFBS offers a counselling service to members and their families. The service is provided by Sheppell.fgi.


Child Performers are served by our Children’s Advocate. Information sessions are held periodically to educate parents of child performers, whether union or non-union, on the risks behind the glamour.

  • ACTRA child performers have 25 per cent of their earnings deposited to a trust account and invested for their benefit until they turn 18.
  • Tutoring provisions in ACTRA’s contracts protect minors from falling behind in their schooling when they work.
  • Other protections include age-appropriate working hours and guaranteed parental access.
  • Here's a list of handy Tips for Parents of child performers.

Read ACTRA Toronto's Parents’ Guide for Child Performers

Senior Artists

Making a living in this business is tough. Senior artists can really struggle. ACTRA and AFBS research shows that performer incomes decline in middle age, women before men. That’s why ACTRA is a proud supporter of the Performing Artists Lodge which provides geared-to-income housing for senior performers. Many more such housing options are needed. ACTRA also assists the Canadian Senior Artists’ Resource Network with research, communications and programs.